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To Whom It May Concern: I am pleased to recommend George Raptis as a reliable and skilled contractor for new construction and rehabilitation projects. As the owner and developer of new construction and rehabilitation affordable and supportive housing projects in New York City I have had the opportunity to work with George on numerous projects in his capacity as Operations Manager. Each of these projects was completed successfully under George’s capable leadership. Working with George is a pleasure. This speaks volumes in a high stress and often contentious industry. In all instances George has been honest, reasonable, fair and has shown immense integrity. He also ensures that his staff displays these same qualities in their work. George’s attention to detail and willingness to work with clients on solutions to inevitable problems are other reasons I have enjoyed working with him.

Mike McCarthy

Director, New York OfficeAlembic Community Development

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Monica Lopez Architect, LLC it is my pleasure to recommend Mr. George Raptis to you as a reliable, extremely knowledgeable and responsive construction contractor. Over the past few years, Mr. Raptis has been involved in the construction of new supportive housing buildings funded by NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development, NYS Homes and Community Renewal and the NYS Office of Mental Health for which my firm has been retained to provide full architectural services. Mr. Raptis has been the Operations Manager coordinating all construction resources required to complete these public funded projects, and in charge of organizing the provision of all documentation required by the funding agencies. The projects have been completed on time and have met the construction budget, while delivering the expected high quality construction standards. I have greatly appreciated Mr. Raptis’ professional, honest and reliable approach to the construction process that is essential to a successful project. His practical knowledge of the construction trades and his organizational skills guarantee a controlled and effective construction development.

Monica Lopez

Monica Lopez Architect, LLC

To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure to recommend George Raptis to you in the event you need a highly competent and responsive contractor. I have been an owner’s rep for 6 years and have been in the construction field for over 25 years. My clients include developers for non-for-profit organizations and commercial developers. I work with government, business and educational organizations-all with diverse requirements and needs. As an owner’s representative on new construction projects, I’ve worked with George on numerous occasions in which he led his project team, as an Operations Manager, to successful completion. I have worked with George for the past 15 years and I am always pleased with his work, reliability and the professional way he conducts himself inside the office and in the field. As a General Contractor, there is no better intermediary for ensuring construction projects are always running smoothly and completed on schedule. George is an excellent coordinator and leader. What I appreciated most about George is his ability to get answers. When unsure, he knows exactly where to go for answers. I never waited more than a few minutes to hear solutions about location, equipment, cost of materials, labor and time management. I believe you could not do better than George Raptis. To recap, George is a pleasure to work with and is always honest, communicates well and attentive to everyone’s needs. The quality of his work was always very good and he always kept his word. It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation on behalf of George Raptis.

Alex Afxentiou

President/OwnerConstruction Owner’s Representative Services - COR-SRVS. Inc

To whom this may concern: I have had the pleasure of working with Penta Restoration, Inc. (Penta) for the better part ofthe last five years. Penta is a firm that takes pride iti the quality of their final product and uses all of their available resources to the benefit of their client. Through projects that I have had the pleasure of associating with Penta. I have found them to be price-wise reasonable, schedule minded and always willing to work with the· appropriate people to the benefit of the project. It is evident to me that the experience, hard work ethic, and integrity displayed by the principals of Penta, are qualities that have successfully transcended to their field supervisors and personnel and moreover, are the cornerstones that the company has built on. In closing, I believe that Penta Restoration., Inc. would be an asset to any project team they are included in and I recommend them highly. Sincerely, Nick Dandolos Project Executive

Nick Dandolos

Project Executive40 RECTOR STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10006

Please be informed that Penta Restoration Corp. has completed for us a total of 3 projects in excess of 1.3 million dollars within the past 2 years. All projects were completed on schedule and the quality of work was outstanding. I highly recommend Penta Restoration Corp., for any exterior project. They are highly professional and well qualified. If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Helen Likokas President

Helen Likokas


Penta Restoration as represented by Chris and Nick Fillas has been doing LL10 and contractual waterproofing and structural work for us for several years. His workmanship and overall performance has been excellent. Below is a list of some of the projects he has performed at various buildings in Manhattan. 1438 Third Avenue, LL10 33 Gold Street, LL10 123 West 44th Street, LL10 254 Park Avenue South, LL10 1260 Broadway (Holiday Inn) LL10 and Contractual Restoration LL10 Mr. Fillas is a honorable man who performs his contractual work without question, in a business such as Penta Restoration's, its nature is for extras and subsequent comeback requests, Penta Restoration has always stood behind his work. I would highly recommend Penta Restoration. Thank you, Brad Thurman

Brad Thurman


We would like to offer our greatest recommendation for exterior work projects and waterproofing projects performed by Penta Restoration. We have been doing business with Penta Restoration for well over 8 years now and found that Penta Restoration's Nick Fillas and company members have demonstrated exceptional expertise for their trade skills and unsurpassed professionalism in working with our clients. Although it very seldom occurs and is always of a minor nature, Penta Restoration is also extremely diligent in correcting conditions on any call backs, responding to punch lists or restoring any mishaps. Again we have been extremely pleased with Penta Restoration's performance and we are certain that you will also. Should you wish to contact us, please don't hesitate to contact us at any of the above telephone numbers. Thank you. Sincerely, Frank R. Didio President

Frank R. Didio


We have now completed several large jobs with you, including the most recent Local Law 11 Facade Remedial Program. All of the work was done in a workman-like manner, on time, with minimal inconvenience to the shareholders and at very competitive prices. Thank you for making our job easier and making management look like superstars. Very truly yours, Alex Butkevich General Manager

Alex Butkevich


We have been pleased to work with Penta Restoration Corp. on a substantial facade restoration program at River Point Towers, a 25 story apartment building at 555 Kappock Street, Riverdale, New York, which program was just completed this month. During the course of the construction phase, we found Penta's forces to be competent and their supervision to be exemplary. The work was completed as scheduled and Penta's management has been capable and cooperative at all times. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with them on future projects. Very truly yours, Robert A. Posner, P.E

Robert A. Posner

P.E39 Wast 32nd Street, Suite 1201, New York, New York 10001

Shinda Management Corporation has know Penta Restoration Corporation for the past five (5) years. During this period, Penta Restoration Corporation has completed five (5) projects totalling a value of $800,000.00. All projects were completed in a timely fashion and the quality of work performed by Penta Restoration Corporation was superior. It is the opinion of the undersigned that Penta Restoration Corporation is a highly qualified contractor whom Shinda Management Corporation will continue to utilize for construction projects in the future. Very truly yours, Richard C. Bramwell President

Richard C. Bramwell

PresidentSHINDA MANAGEMENT CORP. 217-02 Jamaica Ave, Queens Village, NY 11428

To Whom It May Concern: I know you'll agree with me when I say there are certain firms in our line of business that just automatically enhance the quality of our day-to-day operations, but that these firms are few and far between. For me, it's been Chris Fillas and his team of professionals at Penta Restoration. The level of professionalism, follow-through, and reliability Chris has offered me on numerous projects has been immeasurable. Presently, Penta is working on a substantial facade restoration project for us, located downtown at 200 Church Street. Sometimes when you have fantastic experiences - especially in today's times -you just can't help but tell others about it. I hope you'll take the time to speak to learn more about Penta Restoration and their extensive line of services. They are indeed a firm you can count on. Chris Fillas and his team at Penta Restoration are true professionals who hold every project in the highest regard. Should you require further elaboration, please feel free to call me anytime at (917) 288-5217 Sincerely, Landon Cole Asset Manager

Landon Cole


To Whom It May Concern: Please be advised that Penta Restoration has performed exterior work at the New York Sheraton Hotel located at 811 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019. This company is on our bidders' list and is highly recommended. Sincerely, Vasos Michael Director of Engineering

Vasos Michael

Director of EngineeringSHERATON HOTELS OF NEW YORK

To Whom It May Concern: What an excellent job your crew did on the 7th floor of the Asia Society Headquarters...not only did you deliver on budget but you performed miracles to work around our schedule and not interfere with the occupants on the floor and finish the job in an orderly and timely manner...I will definitely use you in the future on any upcoming renovation jobs. George P. Papamichael Director Building and Security Services Asia Society Museum

George P. Papamichael


To Whom It May Concern: I am pleased to provide this letter recommending the construction services of Penta Restoration Corp. I have known Mr. Chris Fillas, the Vice President of the company for about five years. During this time, Mr. Fillas and his team have provided professional construction services for our company's properties throughout the NYC area. Mr. Fillas has always responded quickly to any request, large or small and provides his services in an expert manner. In a crisis, I know I can always count on him! I am pleased to recommend Penta Restoration Corp. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Very truly yours, Peter G. Papamichael Vice President Acquisitions and Development - Global

Peter G. Papamichael


To whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to recommend Penta Restoration Company to you in the event that you will have need for a highly competent and responsive contractor. As a professional engineer specializing in roofing and facade repair and restoration projects, I have worked together with Penta on numerous occasions in which my clients retained them as the contractor to perform roofing and facade work. Penta is a very reliable and competent contractor. They have performed some of the most difficult work that my firm has been involved with, over the past twenty-five years. The owners, Nick and Chris Fillas, are a pleasure to work with. They are honest and attentive to their responsibilities. They have a good staff, including good foremen. The quality of their work is very good. They keep their word. It has sometimes occurred that Penta was not the lowest bidder in connection with one of my projects, but turned out to be what amounted to the lowest bidder, as a result of their very fair policy towards extra work. I've been an engineer for 52 years and have worked on approximately 2000 facade and roofing projects, including the Chrysler Building, the New York Stock Exchange, Temple Emanuel of New York, Trinity Church, the Dioceses of Rockville Center and Brooklyn, and the entire inventory of New York City's municipal colleges and community colleges, etc. Please consider this letter of recommendation in the light of my professional background. If you wish to discuss this letter of recommendation, please feel free to call me at 516-569-1329. Sincerely, Robert Feuer P.E President

Robert Feuer P.E